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This deviation was deleted

Now, yes.. Connor I can't help myself I'm a critic what can I say? XD

Soo I know I did design the outfit myself, but to be say I'm mostly going to critic on the colours and maybe the anatomy. c:

First off- the colour's, they look quite off, You should think of palette's If you want a good looking outfit I suggest looking at some, make sure they fit well together, theses colours.. seem just off to me per say.
Now personally I'd think; a nice black jacket, a light blue top, navy blue pants, black and white shoes. but hey that's my opinion. making it simplistic yet, appealing to others to look at, that's what you gotta aim for, unless you like more details in clothing, that's a different story, I'm not good with those things.

Also to add, whats with the.. line down his tail, that does not seem right to me. its out of place.. not fitting. xD
plus the whole colour going with Psynth's fur looks just.. so very how should I say.. BLAH!

Second off- The anatomy, Now I know your're still beginning at this, but I wanna give you a little help that could help you improve.
First off, the pose it's so simplistic, it's so boring, I suggest drawing body skeletons to help with that, also looking at refs of poses would help.

The muzzle, that bothers me so much, it doesn't even look like one, Look at other fox muzzles, look at psynths, look how off it is, try and practice with them, theres not much I can help with that.

The tail looks like someones holding it up, the tail should be down, not bend up all.. weird like, it looks unnatural.
try practicing drawing tails down, and look at other fox tails for ref's, it could help.. alot

The legs look very bumpy, I know it could be the pant's, but I don't think pants are meant to look like that, it seems like he has bumpy legs.. and no one likes bumpy unnatural legs. :XD:

Feet could use some work, not bad though it looks like hes standing on the sides of his feet.. .____.;;

The hands.. PERFECT AMG! *slapped* but really, yes some people, like myself do like to hide the hands under sleeves, but if you have trouble with hand look at your own for ref, I know myself I have trouble with them, but try to practice them alot.

And I know, you drew it with a mouse. not bad for a mouse drawing, could use work tho

Ps.. why are you using a mouse when you have a perfectly good tablet? :XD:

Lol, sorry for being a critic, just wanting to help you~ don't take it personally. :XD:

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GlitchingnoArt Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nothing personal taken Tiara ^.^ And I was in school when I made this, so I was forced to use my mouse XD I will probably make a re-do of this with my tablet later tonight C:
Thanks for the opinion for the pose/hands/etc. I will try to improve on that. Oh, and I wanted it to seem like he was standing straight with his feet facing away from in front of him, but it does kinda look like he's standing on their sides LOL. And about the tail, I said that I didn't know if I liked it or not yet, just seemed like a kinda neat idea at the time, not so much now ^^;
About the color palette, I'm not really good with colors lol ^^; I kinda like things that don't go together for some reason, I think I'd actually need REAL help with a color palette if I had to make one X'D
Also, what about Psynth's fur is "blah?" .-. That part I don't get XD Is it just the way I have the tail or what? Because I'm fairly certain I'm gonna change the tail pattern :P
Garrusboo Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hah, alright, happy to help. ouo

No no, I was meaning look at them, get ideas for colours to go well together~

[link] go here this is a great place to look~

oh no, I mean all those colours together, with psynths fur colour, makes it all blah looking. xD
grey it not always a great colour to use for fur... ono;;;;
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